VK Cherain


The People of Different Age... Time... & Space

A video documentary on those who got inspired by the leftist thoughts of social upliftment and lived in Soviet Union and a look at their life and work.

Mr. Rajendran
Surendra Kumar
Mr. Surendra Kumar

The Coonan Cross Oath (The Bend Cross Oath)

A documentary on the first revolt of the native Indians against colonial rulers who were establishing their power in Southern tip of India on their nature of Christian belief.

Bent Cross Coonan Kurishu Chruch at Kochi

A Political Biography of George Fernandes
The stormy Pertal of Indian politics and hero of emergency period (1975-77)

VK Cherian and George Fernandes
V. K. Cherian with George Fernandes

The collected works of Prof. Satish Bahadur
Coordinating Editor

Prof. Satish Bahadur
Prof. Satish Bahadur